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I'm happily married to Traci Weston
We've been married since February 9, 2008
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This is Where my wife andI attend Church.
Please Visit this page to listen to the LIVE Audio Stream of the Central Baptist Church Worship Service.
If the service isn't live which is the 9:30 AM service, the preveous Sunday's service will play.
So no matter wheather you tune in 2 days after the  service has taken place, or the following Saturday, you'll get the preveous Sunday's service audio from beginning to end until the next service goes live.

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This is where my wife and I used to attend Church
from May 27, 2007 until June 2, 2013
Visit bibles.net for several downloadable translations of the bible.
Click here to read "The Real Creation Story"
(Note: requires Windows Media Player to listen.)
click here to read about The Blood of JESUS
Click here to read about the 1 "Who Took Your Place."
click here to read about the LORD's GOODNESS and MERCY
click here to read something written by a school student about Prayer in School
Click here to read an electronic version of a bookmark that'll give you an idea for Leading Someone to Jesus Christ.
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they have some very interesting things on there web site.
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Please, visit the web site of Matthew Campbell.
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Click here to visit the web site of Jana Jackson
I happened to find her site by looking at an email I'd received from a mailing list I'm on
The site's very cool.
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story about how a display of apples and a kind heart can equal a representation of the love of Jesus Christ.
Click here to read about how giving to someone in need is giving to God
Click here to read a letter from Heaven
Visit this site to help in your Search for Music on The Net
Click here to get the latest weather information.
to find out about the upcoming episode of Startrek Voyager as well as other startrek news.
The main goal of the speakup site is for
the development and distribution of speakup which is a screen
reader for linux.
to have live audio (voice ) chat with people with disabilities from all over the globe.
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as well as browse this companies
other offerings for the blind.
Visit for the people for another blind voice chat service.
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